Reptiles Rock! Reptile Education Program

We are a private herpetological education and rescue that has dedicated our lives to educating people about just how awesome reptiles are and how they are a very important part of our environment. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, our program strives to give the best information available - as well as the best care in the world for animals people have forgotten or given up on! Find out why we are so passionate about reptiles and why exactly Reptiles Rock!

Reptile Parties & Presentations

Are you looking for the ultimate reptile-themed show for

a birthday party or event in the Ottawa area?

We offer fantastically fun-filled reptile parties!

Get up-close and personal with a dozen or so specially-selected animals.

Every animal is pet-quality and hand-tamed so you get to touch Everything!

Every show has between ten to fifteen animal species represented, all of which can be held and touched. Yours is the only show on the day you book, so time is on your side.

Your fee gets you up to two hours, depending on the sustained interest level of hands-on reptile fun. We can tailor the show to meet your educational needs and discuss any topic you wish!  Pricing varies, depending on your location.

Please inquire for details. 


Tom Wellum 

(613) 863-8749


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Tom Wellum 
TEXT: (613) 863-8749
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